USSC ltd (ukrsteelspecialconstruction) features the most powerful technical capacity to manufacture steel in Ukraine.

USSC ltd (ukrsteelspecialconstruction) manufactures steel in our 3 plants.

We possess vast equipment fleet which enables to complete any kind of metal work with steel of any grade - bending, welding, milling and etc. We work with a variety of steel grades and diverse types of rolled profiles including large diameter pipes.

Quality control is performed by certified laboratories, and implies spectral analysis, radiographic analysis, capillary analysis, ultrasonic testing, magnetic control of base metal and welded joints.
Our work is conducted in strict accordance and rules with international standards for
respected metalwork's types.

Shops areas and cranes capacity allowing us to process up to 200 tonne of steelwork.

Our range includes:
1.Steel works
2.Steel structure bridge
3.Welded steel structure box steel girder
4. Tank metal structures
5. Steelwork for manufacturing equipment
6.Ships Hulls of 100,000 tons displacement

The volume of steelwork production for contracting in 2013 is 50,000 tons plus.
Looking forward to considering offers and sign ing contracts for 2013.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require any further information.

www.steel-consrtuction.com.ua          18, Chigorina Street, Kyiv, 01042, Ukraine         Tel.: +38 (044) 284 82 64
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